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Pals Legacy's foals

2010 & 2011
2008 & 2009
2006 & 2007
2004 & 2005
2002 & 2003
2000 & 2001
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Pals Legacy   
                          is a homozygous tobiano
                                           homozygous black
                                                          APHA stallion

This web site is dedicated to Pals Legacy's foal
It is not our primary web site and only shows foals of my stallion
Non of them is listed for sale on this web site
to see horses for sale please see my primary web site
Listed here are his APHA foals
if you would like to see some of his mix breed foals please email me
He has foals out of arabs, gaited and draft mares

To go to my priamry web site click on this link